Introducing Gaming 3.0…

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VGambling is proud to introduce the next generation of gaming!

Our company’s purpose is to transform both video gaming and Internet gambling by combining both in an entirely new way. This gaming/gambling hybrid will enhance the player’s entertainment experience while offering more revenue opportunities for game developers, affiliate marketers, and players – especially the most skilled ones! The Company’s unique approach will enable a wide range of gamers – from the gamerz to the most experienced cyber-athletes – to participate and/or bet on the best of online multi-player content-rich video games. VGambling will offer the widest possible selection of Video games of skill and will make them available in multiple languages and easily accessible through mobile handsets. Play online for real money and/or bet on others’ gaming skills for real money! Wagering will be available on a wide range of professional eSports events as well as VGambling-hosted games and tournaments.

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More Exciting Games and More Wagering Opportunities!

VGambling will empower users from around the world to play and enjoy peer-to-peer wagering (set your own betting terms!) on online multi-player video style games on our secure platform! Play online for real money and/or bet on others’ gaming skills for real money!

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Developers… New Income Opportunies for Your GAME$!

Now seeking talented developers to partner with.

VGambling is transforming both video gaming and Internet gambling by combining both into a hybrid that offers significant benefits to developers. Most importantly, by enabling peer-to-peer play and wagering, VGambling has opened up a whole new universe of developer revenue opportunities for any game that it hosts. As detailed in the Developers page on this site, VGambling is a platform through which game developers will earn larger returns on their development effort and ingenuity. Our system applies to a broad spectrum of video games, ranging from match games & shooter games all the way up to complex content-rich multiplayer games. For the first 20 developers who sign on to the VGambling platform, we will cover 100% of all integration expenses. So, if you’re a talented game developer of any of these kinds of games, we want to speak with you about licensing opportunities. Give us a call and get in on the ground level of Gaming 3.0!

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Affiliates… Amplify Your Income!

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VGambling is building the next generation of gaming – a hybrid of “video games” and “Internet gambling” that will open up a whole new world of entertainment and betting opportunities for players. This frenzy of betting activity will create additional sources of income for affiliates.

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Invest in Gaming 3.0… OTC:GMBL

Two of the largest industries around, Video Games and Internet Gambling are converging now!

In 2013, an industry report revealed that the Internet gambling industry exceeded $30 billion in annual worldwide revenue and this global market is forecast to reach $40 billion by 2015. What you may not know is that, in the same H2 Gambling Capital report, multi-player, mobile gambling was identified as the fastest-growing segment of this enormous market. So, this is a very timely opportunity for investors! All aspects of VGambling are designed to transform this enormous and rapidly growing industry in a way that will provide the Company with a sustainable (and lucrative!) competitive advantage. This, in turn, will help maximize shareholder returns.

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